Many tragedies continue to occur everywhere amid tight Covid pandemic controls in China.

Recently, netizens shared a story about the case of a patient in Jinzhan Jiayuan community, D area, Beijing, who died because he couldn’t get to a hospital for timely treatment after suffering from a heart attack.

A video spreading on the internet shows a man who claimed to be a family member of the deceased explaining that the incident occurred on November 10.

He said the anti-pandemic staff did not allow the ambulance to come in. Instead, they said that the patient’s family had to report to the community management first. However, no one responded when the family tried to contact community management. The anti-pandemic staff also refused to relax and extended the time for waiting. Finally, the delay was two hours, resulting in the patient’s death. 

Another video recorded the situation of the patient’s family members anxiously calling for community personnel at the building entrance many times during the incident. A woman even shouted hoarsely, “There is no leader! Where are they all?”

Sadly, after the man stopped breathing, anti-pandemic staff quickly dispatched a hearse to take his body away.

Additionally, as soon as the videos and news caused a stir among netizens, the Chaoyang District Authority in Beijing issued a” denied rumor” notice. They said that the ambulance arrived in time and performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the patient. But the patient died of an unsuccessful rescue. After that, the doctor issued a death certificate and sent the body to the funeral home.
Besides, another notice requesting tightening control of the Jinzhan Jiayuan area D was released on November 13 to prevent COVID. Although before that, this area was classified as a medium-risk area.

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