The Tangshan beating of women case fueled heated discussions all over the country, and a recent similar incident has occurred at a high school in Yulin, Shaanxi, where a male high school student allegedly hit his female classmate. 

Vision Time news outlet cited China’s media reporting that the incident occurred in a high school classroom in Qingjian County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, on June 22. It was meal time, and there were fewer students in the classroom. 

As seen in the footage, in the beginning, the two students seemed to argue as the female slapped paper sheets on the table with force, leaving sheets flying around. 

The footage shows that the male student then suddenly hit her violently, he slapped her in the face, punched her on the head several times, and then kicked her to the classroom floor.

The sudden beating frightened the other students, and everyone immediately rushed to distance the male student from the place and check on the female student. 

The male student wanted to beat her again but was stopped by another male student. The female student did not fight back during the beating.

After the related video came out, the case immediately sparked a strong public outcry. Many netizens expressed concern about the female student’s condition. A mainland reporter contacted the school to verify the information, but the school claimed to be “unaware.”

However, under continued public pressure, the school then claimed that the two had a dispute over playing board games between classes, and the male student acted “impulsively.” 

The school also said that the female student was not injured after the medical examination and her condition was stable. The school also claimed that the male student usually has epileptic seizures, and the incident might be related to his “suffering from epilepsy.”

In response to the school’s justification of the incident, netizens criticized the school and pointed out that the male student does not seem to suffer from epilepsy. They also said that students could not act that way if they lost the board game. Some said they were bullied when at school.

Due to the recent beating of women in a Tangshan restaurant, public opinion in China is very sensitive about beating cases. People call authorities to punish the suspects in the Tangshan incident to avoid possible similar cases. Some said that the female student’s parents should file a lawsuit rather than settle with the boy’s family. As netizens said, settling the case that way would be like “putting a dangerous person into society.”

China’s law states that if a student suffers an injury while studying in school, the school shall bear the responsibility.

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