Many Chinese local authorities have been caught creating “false positive” COVID test results to force people into makeshift hospitals, also called square-cabin hospitals, to get subsidies from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

A few days ago, on the Chinese internet, there was news about many people testing negative for COVID in Tianjin being held in these temporary hospitals. They were angered to the point of yelling at the COVID workers.

On Tuesday, November 29, a video from the Tianjin Meijiang shelter was posted online. In the video, people inside square-cabin hospitals repeatedly asked staff questions. They wondered why even though their phones’ nucleic acid test results were negative, they were locked up with COVID positive-tested people for so-called “abnormal nucleic acid” test results. When they were forced to the site, some refused to take another COVID test. Those who did and got a negative result did not test again. Instead, they demanded an explanation from the COVID staff.

In Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Chongqing, and other places, the CCP authorities gave a makeshift hospital about $1,135 (3,500 yuan) every time a person is locked up.

Before the CCP allocates a large amount of money to these quarantine sites, the local CCP authority has to fill the place with COVID patients.

In Xinjiang, many COVID negative tested people were crammed into square-cabin hospitals. In Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, many special police officers forced negative COVID-tested people into these places. In Chongqing, many “false positive” citizens were forced to fill the quarantine sites. 

Even an underground agency in a railway station in the city pays for people to live in COVID hospitals.

Netizens mock how a person can leave every time the local authority gets a $1,135 subsidy.

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