The 20th National Congress is expected to be held later this year. Recently, many officials in the provincial public security departments have been transferred across provinces within this month.

According to public information, Liu Yang was the Former Director of the Jiangsu Public Security Department. His profile shows that he’s now working in Shaanxi. On May 24, he appeared to speak at the meeting of the 13th Shanxi Provincial People’s Congress.

Same with Li Jianzhong, director of the Anhui Public Security Department. Mainland media reported that the Anhui director had moved to Hunan to take up a new position. On May 24, he appeared at the 13th Anhui Provincial People’s Congress.

Earlier this month, Liu Kai, Xu Xianhui, and Liu Wenxi were appointed to work in other regions. All used to hold leading positions in provincial public security departments.

Besides the personal changes, Chinese independent journalist Gao Yu disclosed on May 2 that the Beijing Public Security Bureau had removed more than 50 bureau-level leading cadres from the public security team.

2 days later, Hong Kong pro-Beijing newspaper Mingpao cited people familiar with the matter, saying that the Beijing police were clearing up former Minister of Justice Fu Zhenghua’s cronies. Fu Zhenghua was sacked in October last year. He was suspected of joining former public security vice-minister Sun Lijun’s political gang.

On the same day, Korean commentator Lee Muyang analyzed that Fu Zhenghua was just a ministerial-level official. Fu was not the real threat to Xi Jinping. He speculated that Xi Jinping was actually aiming at people backing Fu Zhenghua, Jiang Zemin, and Zeng Qinghong.

Chinese professor Wu Guoguang shared the same view with Radio France Internationale on May 3. He analyzed that Xi Jinping had been in power for 10 years. Many high-level officials were purged under his corruption campaign during his tenure. At the same time, he has also appointed his people and reorganized the party personnel.

The professor also pointed out a pattern in Xi Jinping’s movements. Behind these purges, many cases are pointing to higher-level officials. Taking former public security vice-minister Sun Lijun as an example, many higher-ranking officials were accused of having ties with Sun, like Fu Zhenghua.

He said it should not be surprising that Xi will carry on the political cleansing as the 20th National Congress approach. However, this year, although cases of purges at such a high level have not yet emerged, it’s taking place among the lower-level cadres. The professor said it could have been to Xi’s tactical considerations. However, he expects that the political purge of high-level politicians will occur before August this year.

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