A woman in Guangdong purchased a solid wood sofa worth about $840 (6,000 yuan). However, she discovered that the sofa she bought was concrete, sparking an online debate. 

Recently, the owner cleaned the sofa. Suddenly, pieces of the paint fell off one after another.

After a closer look inside, she found that the sofa was made from some kind of concrete mix.

In the video, this sofa has at least nine seats. 

Cracks on the armrests can be seen in two single-seat sofas, revealing the concrete mix inside. 

The video poster said, “The solid wood furniture that cost almost $840 (6,000 yuan) to buy is actually made of cement. What else is real these days?”

The video publisher did not say where she bought the sofa. A reporter from Xiaoxiang Morning News contacted the video publisher, but no response has been received.

The video then gained the public’s attention.

Many netizens ridiculed, 

“This is really moth-proof and termite-proof;”

“Did you buy it online? Physical stores do not dare to sell;”

“I praised the furniture company for being creative, caring for the forest, and not destroying the environment. Let you sit comfortably at the lowest cost.”

Whenever China is mentioned, people are usually reminded of the word “fake.” 

It is not the first time mainland purchasers have faced such a dilemma. 

Last month, a woman from Guangdong shared her incident. She said she bought a cactus and watered it for the past two years.

One day, the cactus was broken, and she angrily discovered it was made of plastic.

A similar incident happened in December 2021. A woman in Hebei watered a Lingzhi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) for two years.

Her playful little son suddenly broke the mushroom. Then she discovered that it was made of wood.

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