With the increasing pressure in life, young Chinese people now choose the “Lying Flat” lifestyle.

What young Chinese call “Lying Flat,” or “tang ping,” in Chinese, doesn’t mean not working at all but working less. They don’t have life-changing dreams because they feel their future is hopeless due to facing the fierce Chinese job market and the tremendous pressure from their family.

As reported on August 27 by Al Jazeera, Ying Feng, a 21-year-old Xiamen elementary school teacher, had just completed a university degree in music and teaching. But instead of joy, she felt anxiety.

She said that the daily work is very hard. She is an elementary school teacher daily, a private tutor at night, and gives piano lessons on weekends. However, even if she does these jobs well, she will not be able to earn enough money to buy a house or start a family. When asked if the prospect of a demanding work schedule with poor compensation has caused her to reconsider her career choice, she sighs and says, “Well, sometimes I just want to lie down flat and let it all rot.”

She’s not the only one who wants to go “Lying Flat.” T-shirts with the slogan “Do nothing, lie flat young” have also gained popularity across China.

Experts point out that China is facing intertwined economic and social challenges. And “Lying Flat” is one of the concerns.

Associate professor Yao-Yuan Yeh, who teaches Chinese Studies at the University of St Thomas Houston in the United States, said, “Important for the CCP that young people in China work hard and contribute their utmost to the Chinese economy. Especially now that the high growth that has defined the Chinese economic miracle in recent decades becomes increasingly difficult to sustain in the future.”

That puts “Lying Flat” in direct opposition to the demands of the CCP.

The New York Times last year also reported that China’s internet regulator ordered

 online platforms websites to severely control new posts about “Lying Flat” to stop this movement from growing.

Al Jazeera cited Yao, the academic, as saying the CCP doesn’t permit the phenomenon to evolve into a political movement because that might jeopardize the party’s dominance.

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