On September 3, because of food shortages due to a long-term lockdowns, residents of several communities in Daqing city, Heilongjiang province, China took to the streets to protest. They were asking the government for food, but special police were dispatched to suppress the crowd, and a conflict broke out. This sudden incident was completely ignored by the Chinese media, and all related videos posted by netizens on Weibo were deleted.

According to a video posted by Twitter account @TragedyInChina, one of the protests broke out in a community in Longfeng District, the central urban area of ​​Daqing. This community was locked down for a long time, but the residents did not receive the food promised by authorities. On September 3, many residents gathered to protest and demand food. But instead of food, the residents encountered special police.

However, residents did not yield to the repression of the authorities, protests continued from day to night, and more special police officers were dispatched to the scene to disperse the crowd. Due to the large number of people, the confrontation dragged on. Another related video was posted by the Twitter account @TragedyInChina.

Another video posted on Twitter by @TragedyInChina showed that, at midnight, residents are gradually returning home. They opened the window and shouted. The special police then gradually left the scene.

The video posted by the Twitter account @tw_tomy_ shows that, early in the morning of September 3, some people begging for food were arrested by police. After that, more and more residents took to the street and gathered to protest.

According to NetEase, since August 20, the community outbreak in Daqing city has spread to fruit and vegetable wholesale markets among other places.

According to Beijing Net, from August 31, temporary traffic control measures have been implemented at all traffic exits in the city such as railways and airlines. Only specially necessary vehicles are allowed in and out.

The Daqing City Health Commission on September 12 released the latest pandemic report for Heilongjiang province, which emphasized that people should seriously implement the “zero COVID” policy, adhere to control measures such as encoding, lockdowns, nucleic acid testing, and isolation.

Local residents said that since the community was locked down, they had not received food from the community manager and the food had run out.

An imported car dealer (进口车dealer) posted on Weibo, “I just finished calling my brother who lives in Longfeng district, Daqing. He said that people in some communities are protesting, because there was no food to eat for more than ten days. The police also came to maintain order.”

In addition, the Kantie website also cited some comments.

One netizen wrote, “If you don’t speak up, there will be no vegetables to eat. Our community leader hasn’t sent vegetables and hasn’t let anyone out. Today is the 14th day of quarantine and I haven’t eaten anything in 26 hours!”

What happened in Daqing recently made many people worried.

‘I’m little Abu’ lamented on Weibo, “Some people were forced to jump out of buildings due to the lockdown; pregnant women were refused coming in hospital until they miscarried; a sick 120-year-old man died because they did not allow him to go to the hospital; the community was in a great uproar.”

The patients who were dragged into the square cabin for isolation were even worse. The following confession of a person has been removed from Weibo, Kantie quoted as follows:

“My mother has been diagnosed with COVID, and as a daughter, I want to speak up! Every day ambulances keep pulling people to quarantine. … It’s scary. Moreover, the cabin is not a place to cure anything, there is no medicine or medical equipment! My mother has a headache, fever, phlegm and a constant cough.”

The mother had asked for medicine was refuse, officials said that the government doesn’t allow it. At night, a child was fussing with a fever but no one cared. Everyone’s mental state is very bad, and their families are very worried! The windows are locked with chains.

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