Under heavy protest, Beijing has been forced to loosen its COVID measures. After this happened, new cases sprung up en masse in the capital. 

A few days ago, videos and photos were posted online showing a medical run in Beijing. Many hospitals were full, and there were long lines of people waiting to get medical care.

For example, the Children’s Hospital lobby was full of parents taking their sick kids to the doctor.

On September 9, Taiwan’s TVBS News showed an interview video showing long lines of people at fever clinics in the Chaoyang district of Beijing from morning to night. People waited outside at a mere 41 °F, 5 °C.

Chaoyang is a core district of Beijing, home to most of Beijing’s many foreign embassies and its central business district.

According to a community worker in Shilipu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, all 20 community workers, including cleaning and security staff, are now positive for COVID. This makes community work come to a halt. Many doctors and nurses also got infected, so they can’t do COVID testing for people.

He told the people to be resolute through hard times because right now, the whole of Beijing is like this!

There is also unconfirmed news online that the number of infected people in Beijing is massive. 

For example, there’s a post about an employee conducting a math model to calculate the projected infected cases from China’s National Health Commission. He said there might be up to 1.5 million COVID cases in the Chaoyang district in the next two weeks. The core district of Beijing has about 3.4 million people. That means up to almost 50% would get infected. 

There’s another post about a government employee in Dongcheng district saying that up to 60% of Beijing’s population would get COVID in the next month. 

Many people in Beijing are telling others that if their self-tests are positive, they can handle it on their own, isolate at home, and don’t have to tell the community.

After implementing the ten new measures for easing the COVID lockdown, Beijing quickly told all areas to prepare their resources to avoid medical shortages. Experts say that China has been implementing the strict Zero-COVID policy for three years and has not made plans for “coexisting with the virus” like other countries.

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