December 10 was International Human Rights Day. Many protests against China occurred in places like the U.S., Hong Kong and London.

VOA reported on December 11 that Chinese protesters in London held a demonstration against China’s “zero-COVID” measures and political repression of Chinese people, Hong Kongers, and ethnic minorities.

The rally attracted about 200 participants gathering outside the Chinese Embassy, and this was the fourth demonstration within a month.

Despite the cold weather, 35 °F in London, some protesters said the sudden change in the weather may have dampened their desire to participate.

One protester said she wanted to stand with Hong Kongers, Tibetans, Uyghurs, Southern Mongolians, feminists, and workers, referring to a list of victims of repression that was placed outside the Chinese Embassy.

She said, “There are too many victims for their images to be hung here. That tells me that there are too many people who have been oppressed and probably very few people speaking out on their behalf. Our friends at home are trying very hard to voice their thoughts and they’re being arrested. We’re here and we can’t do anything. Therefore, we came here since our conscience tells us we have to do something.”

Bruce, a Chinese student in the UK, told VOA that he has been concerned about the protest movement in Hong Kong since 2019 but has not come out to demonstrate. He describes himself as “a minority of a minority.” However, the Urumqi fire created a chance for many Chinese students to unite and protest.

Zhu, another Chinese student, cut out the big star of the Five Star Red Flag and held it up at the demonstration. He said he was inspired by the Hungarian revolution in 1956 and the Romanian revolution in 1989. He believes that Chinese people do not need the Communist Party to live an independent life of democracy, freedom, and equality.

He said, “What I care about is the kind of education the White Paper Movement gives to young generations. This is more useful than political influence since we can have hope in the future.”

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