In response to the government’s policy of lockdown and re-lockdown on several sites across the nation, locals keep taking the streets to protest, showing their disagreement against the regime’s measures. 

A Twitter video posted on June 21 shows how Shanghai people’s reaction to the blockade at Huanghua First Village, Shanghai.

A fence is separating two neighborhoods. The anti-epidemic staff can be seen on one side of the fence.

Residents refused to be barricaded in and clashed with pandemic workers who tried to stop them. The crowd pushed the fence away while workers grabbed them to prevent them from crossing the fence. The tug-of-war lasts for more than a minute. 

Finally, realizing that having a barricade is useless, the anti-epidemic team stands aside, letting the crowd move freely.

Previously, thousands of Kunshan, Jiangsu province residents gathered to protest in the street under an overpass in Huaqiao Town on June 18. They protested because the Shanghai-Kunming commute had been closed for three months. 

They all shouted in loud voices: Commute! Commute! Commute!

The mass protest triggered clashes with police, who showed up in large numbers to suppress the crowd. Consequently, some residents were injured. 

However, in response to the residents’ persistence, officials finally had to reach an agreement. The authorities made an announcement shortly after. 

The announcement approved that those in fixed residences or work units will be allowed to commute between Shanghai and Kunshan in an orderly manner as of 6:00 on Monday, June 20. All train and high-speed rail services are allowed to operate too.

In Dandong city, Liaoning province, people flooded the streets to protest the lockdown. They held banners and shouted slogans, demanding the production’s resumption.

The slogan said they had elder people and children to care for, and they wanted to work to survive. They wanted to resume work and production. 

As the regime repeatedly changes its policies, many areas have undergone the situation of lockdown, lockdown-lifting, and ended up with re-lockdown, badly affecting residents’ financial status and living conditions. 

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