After China dropped the COVID curbs, the capital Beijing experienced a surge in COVID cases. As a result, medical supplies such as antigen kits and medicines for fevers are in short supply. Even though the country relaxed its COVID restrictions, the streets in Beijing are empty and quiet. Pedestrians and vehicles are rarely seen.

According to Chinese media ET, many businesses and shops were ordered to shut down. Meanwhile, for fear of being infected with COVID, residents decided not to venture out. People are queuing in long lines outside fever clinics and pharmacies are the main ones to be seen.

One Netizen described the current situation in the capital city, “Those who have not been infected are waiting to be infected… Those who are infected want to eliminate the infection… Those who have been infected are starting to worry about being infected again…”

The video shows that Wangfujing Street, the busiest commercial center in Beijing , and Chaoyang District are deserted.

Many shopping malls and high-end office buildings have shut down.

Beijing restaurants have few customers eating.

On December 7, China announced a rollback of its strict anti-COVID-19 measures, including limiting lockdowns and testing requirements. 

Many people are relieved because some requirements have been relaxed. Yet, there are still many others who are worried about being infected.

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