Recently, the water level of Chengxi Lake in Lu’an City, Anhui, China, dropped sharply. The phenomenon attracted tens of thousands of people to fish. 

The phenomenon even caused traffic jams in the local area.

Liu 刘, a resident, told the reporter that the lake’s water level had dropped, creating an excellent opportunity for fishing.

He added that the lake’s water level dropped at the weekend, and even if people were sitting still in the water, they would be surrounded by fish. As a result, many people rushed from other places to fish.

Liu estimated that the flow of people could reach 100,000. As a result, there was a big traffic jam. The traffic police and special police came to the scene to direct the traffic.

Officials also expressed concern about the safety of fishing.

Nowadays, many people are fishing in China. People caught so many fish that they could not take them home and had to leave. As a result, much dead fish were left lying around.

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