Supporters of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are spreading rumors that the U.S. has instigated the Chinese to join the “White Paper” movement against the CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy. 

In addition, the rumors said that the U.S. had given $500 million to support those involved in this movement.

On November 24, a fire broke out in an apartment building in Urumqi, Xinjiang, killing at least 10 people. Residents said firefighters could not go inside to put out the fire, and people could not get out because the apartment building was locked and the doors were wired shut.

A day later, protests across China against the CCP’s zero COVID broke out. To begin with, some students from Nanjing Media Academy held up white papers on campus to oppose CCP’s lockdown and censorship policy.

Soon after, students from colleges and universities, including major universities like Tsinghua University and Peking University, joined the protests. The Chinese people also responded and formed a protest movement called the “White Paper.”

However, many CCP little pinks are spreading rumors that the people involved in the “White Paper” movement received money from the U.S. to protest the CCP.

Twitter account @whyyoutouzhele shared a video allegedly staged by Chinese security to attack the “White paper” movement.

In the video, a man riding a bicycle says he gets paid about $72 (500 yuan) if he agrees to hold up a white paper protesting the CCP’s policy.

According to VOA, accusing “foreign forces” of inciting social discontent in China has long been a guise used by the CCP.

VOA cited a detail showing the awakening of the people to the propaganda tactics of the CCP.

A video circulating on the internet showed that at a rally in Beijing, after someone warned that there might be foreign forces in the crowd, other angry protesters asked back: “Yes, Is it Marx and Engels? Is it Stalin or Lenin?”

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