Chinese blogger Fan Jin, nicknamed “Advertising Girl,” who is very popular on the Internet with hundreds of thousands of followers, recently revealed on Facebook that she was scolded by “little pinks” for “defaming China.” Her post mentioned that China is “cutting off the power” on social networks. That was enough for Xiao Fenhong (little pinks) to attack her. It surprised her so much that she exclaimed, “Isn’t it OK to tell the truth?”

On August 26, Fanjin wrote that she had just signed up for an online painting course, saying that these foreign teachers all live in China, and their painting style is different from the United States, and she likes it very much. However, because “the electric power in China is unstable,” she often cannot attend scheduled classes.

However, she did not expect the innocent post about her current life situation to cause the little pinks to accuse her of “smearing China.” Surprised, she added, “my head is full of question marks (when reading these comments). Just telling the truth that the power supply is unstable … is not OK.” In the post, Fan Can also shared that if she said that the security in New York is terrible and there are a lot of mosquitoes in Taiwan, she would not receive criticism.

Sound of Hope said that some netizens comforted her: “Once you get used to it, you won’t be surprised anymore; you just met Xiao Fanhong. You can praise the country, but if you say your country lacks anything, it will be seen as a foreign force denigrating the country.

Many netizens play it safe and copy the Chinese regime’s signature style of wording, for instance, “Use electricity responsibly will help increase your credit score.” However, according to Chinese media reports, electricity consumption has recently skyrocketed in many parts of China due to persistently high temperatures. As a result, many places have taken power-cutting measures, including electricity outages in Sichuan, Chongqing, and other places, severely impacting people’s lives. The tragedy of people dying from heat is also often spread online and reported by Chinese media. Recently, because of the high temperatures, many people have flocked to some subway stations in Chongqing to avoid the heat. That said, China’s power cuts are a fact that everyone knows.

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