About 50 Chinese international students in France protested against Dior’s new skirt design on the Champs-Élysées in Paris on July 23. They claim that Dior’s new skirt creation copied the design of a pleated horse face skirt in Hanfu. Over 10 anti-protest people at the scene sarcastically said that “Skirt Beyond Human Rights.” A Frenchman also said, why did you not protest to help the Uighurs?

Chinese little pinks criticized the famous French brand Dior for copying China’s Ming dynasty horse face pleated skirt, calling it a cultural appropriation and looting. A group of Chinese students attended a protest on July 23 in an alley next to the Champs-Élysées in Paris and Dior’s No.1 store.

Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported that more than 10 human rights activists also appeared at the Chinese protesting scene. Right from the start, a Dior protester suddenly violently lunged at Murs, a human rights activist holding a banner that reads “Skirt Beyond Human Rights.”

Murs told the World Journal: “I had no slogans or any violent act, just put up the sign, but the other person did not say a word and directly grabbed my neck and tried to press me down. They did not speak up at the Tiananmen Event on June 4, 1989, when the Uighurs and Hong Kong people were oppressed, and now they are gathering here for a skirt, which seems to be more important than human rights.”

Mr. Nordine, a passer-by, inquired why the protest occurred, then shouted to the protesters: “Why did you not protest to help the Uighurs?”

Nordine, who works in the National Assembly, told the World Journal: “In France, we have the right to express our opinions. We would like to see the Chinese questioning themselves: If we have the right to protest a brand, so can we protest for human rights?

Later, the Chinese internet spread false information saying that the protesters were Taiwanese. In this regard, the anti-protest organizer said, “in the Little Pink’s eyes, all those who oppose the CCP are Taiwanese and Americans. They could not imagine another world, when they had a problem, they would have a defense mechanism with a negative mentality, and immediately claimed that we were not Chinese.”

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