Chinese authorities use violence to control street vendors

 Street vendors have a precarious income in Chinese society. Their job is hard time. They must stay up late and get up early through each street to sell goods. Goods to others may be of no value, but to them, it is a fortune that can feed a family daily.

However, the Chinese government does not seem to understand how to create conditions for them to do business—videos shared by residents on the internet show police and urban management clashing with street vendors like thugs.

Footage shows police coming to threaten a street vendor without warning. They took the watermelon, threw it away, hit the scale, and then left. Another footage shows an older woman trying to take back bundles of vegetables. The city managers heartlessly dragged her along with bunches of vegetables despite her crying and begging.

Rarely seen: Summer snowfall in Qinghai

Extreme weather is appearing more and more in China. Now, it is summer in China, and many places are as hot as 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). However, there was significant precipitation in the eastern part of Haixi City, Qinghai Province, on July 17 due to the southwest warm and humid airflow on the periphery of subtropical high pressure. Additionally, there was a rare snowfall in Muli Town, Tianjun County, snow depth of 3 cm (1.18 inches).

Since it is currently midsummer, the temperature is higher, and the snow melts faster, so the snowfall does not affect the traffic and livestock foraging.

Danger in the streets, sewers explode like bombs

A video shared on Twitter shows a sidewalk on a Chinese street suddenly burst open three manhole covers. A manhole burst open and mud sprayed everywhere. A resident riding a motorcycle was also startled to look.

Netizens have left many comments on the video. A user said, “Long-range missile silos?” Another said, “This is the missile well.”

According to Chinese media, sewer explosions are a common occurrence.

On June 26, in Xingtai, Hebei, a street sewer suddenly exploded. With three loud noises, the manhole cover rose into the air, and the sanitation workers passing by were frightened and hurriedly avoided.

Gansu: Quarantine for Covid infected cases on the steppe

According to CCTV News, Liang Chaoyang, Deputy Secretary-General of the Gansu Provincial Government, said that from 0 to 12 hours on July 19, there were 14 new local confirmed cases in Gansu Province. Among the newly confirmed cases, 10 were asymptomatic infections.

The above-confirmed cases and asymptomatic infected persons are all in quarantine or medical observation in medical institutions.

A video shared on Twitter shows a quarantine site set up in a green prairie with many square cabins like a camping place. There is only a simple bed inside. A netizen also left a comment, “Camping enthusiasts are ecstatic.

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