Beijing policymakers have invented a new way to block the spread of the Covid-19. Accordingly, residents living on the same floor or sharing the same drainage pipe with the infected household will be sent to quarantine camps.

The new policy was implemented in Nanmofang Township, Chaoyang District. Mainland media reported a confirmed case in Building 1 in a residential community on May 7. At 10 p.m. on the same day, 29 residents of 13 households in this building were forced to isolation camps within 2 hours.

Beijing regulators claim that the policy is accurate and scientific. However, it receives a wave of criticism from Chinese residents’.

Many netizens said that the policy was ridiculous and unscientific. They asked why this virus is so obedient and why it just moves vertically or horizontally from the starting point. Some suggested that those who line up for the COVID tests should be quarantined too.

Others compare the applied cross pattern to the game ‘Bomberman.’ Some netizens said the policy harmed the country and people.

As Voice of America reported on May 11, although only a few dozen cases are confirmed daily, Beijing has increased tightening the COVID prevention measures. 60 subway stations have been closed across the city.

As the virus has spread to the capital, Hong Kong political commentator Lin Baohua told the news outlet that if the situation gets worse, then Beijing’s response to the pandemic might be more severe than Shanghai’s.

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