According to China News, the water level of the Lijiang River, Guilin, has risen quickly due to continuous heavy rainfall in recent days. On June 5, the river faced the first food-warning level this year. 

The local government has then imposed controls over the entire river. All operating boats are strictly prohibited from sailing.

As of 8 am on June 6, the city has experienced excessive floods at 14 hydrological stations in 9 river sections with a maximum of 2.13 meters. The accumulated rainfall in some areas has been recorded at more than 350 mm.

The Lijiang River Guilin Hydrological Station has witnessed the most severe situation with a flood peak water level of 146.03 meters, 0.03 meters higher than the warning level at 1 am, May 5.

Nine hours later, its water level reached 146.11 meters, exceeding the warning level by 0.11 meters.

The corresponding flow exceeded 2,400 cubic meters per second.

Affected by the torrential rain in the early morning, many urban areas of Guilin city have suffered waterlogging. Consequently, traffic police have to carry out temporary traffic control on the relevant road sections.

The famous scenic spotElephant Trunk Hill,” located by the river, was mostly submerged, leaving it temporarily closed.

The large-scale landscape live performances located downstream were also under suspension.

The Guilin Hydrology Center predicts that the water level of many river sections in the city will continue to rise in the next 24 hours.

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