Life is inherently not easy, and this is even more true for people living in China. Let’s check the following videos to see how difficult Chinese residents’ life is in some aspects, eating, housing, covid testing, and the authenticity of the information.

Eating: violent storms blow away food stalls

On July 10, Hefei city, Anhui province, encountered strong convective weather. 

The video shows violent storms blowing iron sheds away. Many open-air food stalls suffer heavy losses. Residents, including food stall owners and diners, succumb to the erratic weather. The sellers quit their business while the customers cannot finish their meals. All of them rush to flee the site, avoiding the storm.

A netizen comments that stupid humans don’t know why they are in trouble.

Another says that it is the wrath of God.

Housing: woman cries over unfinished buildings and wants to jump off the building

Unfinished or “rotten-rail” buildings are common in China. They indicate the projects that have started but were forced to suspend for some reason. There is no electricity and running water in these buildings. Besides, the elevators and sewage systems don’t function.

According to a survey by Tencent this year, more than 45% of homebuyers in mainland China suffer from rotten-tail building problems.

The video shows the misery of a female homebuyer of Nanning Zhongang project, Nanning. She is crying bitterly on the unfinished building she bought. So much money has been poured into purchasing a house, and now in desperation, she wants to jump off the building.

A netizen says that this is true, and there are really many unfinished buildings in Nanning.

Another even posts a video showing the jaw-dropping-moment that high-rise buildings in China are being demolished. He implies that this is the destiny of rotten-tail buildings. The demolition process has wiped away people’s dreams of owning a home.

Covid testing: Residents in Jiangsu resist the storm to keep a place in the line

According to Xinhua, Jiangsu authorities officially announced on July 11 that there is still strong convective weather within the province. July to September is an active typhoon period. It is essential to prevent its adverse effects on personal safety, transportation, outdoor operations, and power supply.

The video shows on the same day; citizens must engage in Covid-testing amid a severe storm in Lianyungang, Jiangsu. All of them are sitting down in line, trying to use umbrellas to cover them from the heavy rain and strong winds. People tend to comply with the covid-testing regulation.

Authenticity of information: gas explosion in Jilin leaves cars overturned but no casualties

On July 11, an explosion took place at a four-storey hotel facing the street in Zhonghai Huating Commercial Street, Jingyue district, Changchun city, Jilin province.

The video shows the explosion heavily damaging the first two floors of the hotel as well as nearby and opposite buildings. Some cars at the accident site were turned upside down by the explosion.

The local authorities say the blast caused no injuries. The reason for the explosion was unknown.

However, some netizens expressed their doubt about the information. Some argue that even cars were overturned, and the authorities report no casualties. In the end, there is no way to check the authenticity of the news.

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