Due to the return of the pandemic, many cities in China where the outbreak occurred postponed the fall semester opening.

A few days ago, Liaoning provincial education authorities required all students from 114 colleges and universities to return to school by October 1. The urgent notice after such an extended closure was not welcomed by students. Instead, a boycott wave against going back to school began to rise.

The internet spread the message “Liaoning no returning to school.” The main reason for the boycott movement is that it’s seen as another type of centralized isolation in the form of going back to school.

A student said that it completely ignored the difficulty in buying tickets for students in other provinces and cities and the potential risk of infection when a large number of university students attend school at the same time.

The students said their objection was not about going to school but the excessive anti-pandemic management. They are afraid that even at school, they could only study online in the dormitory. There is no online delivery service, and prices are skyrocketing.

A hot blogger on Weibo posted on September 19 that he received many private messages from Liaoning university students who appealed to help spread their voices. 

“Hello, can you still help Liaoning University students speak out? I hope to bring this tag #Liaoning University under the epidemic #, … Save the students of Liaoning University. Some schools have already said that the dormitory will be closed at the start of school, and they cannot take a bath. Three meals will be delivered to the dormitory, and online delivery will not be allowed.”

He said the main reasons that students gave could be summed up in three points:

Firstly, the epidemic situation in different cities and regions in Liaoning is still not stable. There is still a potential risk of infection when returning to school;

Secondly, it is very likely that when you go back to school, you will continue to be isolated or housed with the same anti-covid policy as going to prison;

Thirdly, the possibility that you will continue to study online at the dormitory when you come to school.

This blogger urged the leaders of Liaoning colleges and universities to listen more to students’ opinions.

He said university life should be the most beautiful, passionate, and desirable time each student will cherish. Not days locked in the dorm rooms.

The blogger expressed regret for the students who left messages, “never lived such a suffocating university life ever.”
Another student left a message, “Bloggers, there is a shortage of influencers to help us. We spend a high price on air tickets to go to jail. As soon as we arrive, we will be silent for two weeks. We couldn’t get out of the dormitory door. We couldn’t take a shower for two weeks. We have to wear masks when we go to the toilet. We are college students, and the animals are better off than us. Since we can have online classes everywhere, why risk going to jail? I was promised to go offline when school started last semester. the result is I took an online class in the dormitory for a semester. … Jiumin”

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