A scene was caught on video when police stopped a woman and her father as they traveled to see the doctor. An argument ensued, and the man stepped toward the officer to hit him. As a result, the woman and her father have been punished by local police.

The woman was handed a 10-day administrative detention for obstructing police in their line of duty. Her father has received a charge on suspicion of assaulting a police officer, which could lead to further charges.

Hao, 41, was taking her 70-year-old father to the hospital on June 21, Dandong city, Liaoning province. A police officer on duty stopped her car at the checkpoint at around 6 pm. She then got out of the vehicle and argued with the officer. They are carrying yellow health codes and community-issued travel permits. 

The two sides engage in a shoving match for a while before the father steps forward to slap the police officer on the face.

The local police subsequently announced punishments for both residents’ alleged refusal to follow anti-epidemic measures and for attacking the on-duty police officer. 

The incident has triggered a heated debate among citizens.

Some netizens show sympathy for the woman and her father, citing that such punishments are too severe. In China, criminal coercive measures consist of criminal detention and surveillance. However, the police did not specify the punishment for the father.

Seeking medical support is always challenging during a pandemic, and many think the police should assist residents in such cases.
After the incident, the woman says she understands anti-epidemic approaches at this particular time. She carried a negative nucleic acid test result taken within 48 hours and a community-issued pass card. However, her father did not.

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