Taiwanese experts said China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier is only a training ship and doesn’t have actual combat capabilities. One of them analyses that if it goes to war against a US aircraft carrier, “it will be like a dwarf meeting a giant, and it will be very funny.”

On May 25, the Taiwan Institute for National Policy Research held a symposium on the ASEAN, US, Japan, South Korea, and the Quad Summit. The meeting invites experts to analyze the current international situation.

The Liaoning has practiced carrier-based aircraft takeoffs and landings more than 200 times since May 3. During this period, several Chinese co-operated planes crossed the Bashi Strait, and armed helicopters crossed the middle line of the Taiwan Strait.

On the same day, the China military Eastern Theater Command admitted that its multi-service joint combat patrols and actual combat drills in the sea and airspace surrounding Taiwan are warnings to U.S and Taiwan.

In response, the U.S. amphibious assault ship Tripoli joined the Japanese quasi-aircraft carrier Izumo in the Western Pacific, with the U.S. aircraft carrier Lincoln and Reagan to form a four-on-one staring at Liaoning.

Guo Yuren (郭育仁), the National Policy Research Institute executive director, said that the Liaoning is only a training ship and does not have actual combat capabilities. If you encounter the USS Reagan or USS Lincoln aircraft carrier strike group, “it will be like a dwarf meeting a giant, and it will be very funny.”

The Liaoning is China regime’s first aircraft carrier and has always been called a “copycat.” It was refitted from an old Soviet Navy ship. Liaoning and Shandong, another Chinese-made aircraft carrier, use traditional power instead of nuclear power. This is a major difference from the advanced aircraft carrier technology of the U.S and other countries.

Huang Pengxiao (黃澎孝), a retired Taiwanese military officer, said that the Liaoning, lacking air superiority and space superiority, is just a target at sea and cannot be guaranteed by itself.

Ma Zhenkun (馬振坤), the Military Institute director of China National Defense University, said that the CCP has the idea but cannot attack Taiwan yet.

He cited that the communist army had not engaged in a real battle for 30 years. Furthermore, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is in jeopardy, raising further concerns among CCP officials regarding the military’s scenario analysis and combat capabilities assessment. As a result, he believes that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict will not boost the CCP’s desire to invade Taiwan militarily.

Ma added that if the CCP does want to launch military operations against Taiwan, it must first possess the ability to counter-intervene the U.S., including peacetime deterrence, conflict containment, and combat strikes. At present, the Chinese combat capability is far inferior to the U.S.

Ma concluded that this is a key prerequisite to whether the Chinese military has the ability to attack Taiwan.

The US military can rely on Japan, South Korea, and Australia in the Asia-Pacific region. Military support is something that the Communist army does not have.

According to Ma Zhenkun, the Liaoning ship’s drill this time is part of the preparations for the CCP’s military struggle against Taiwan. It has a lot of work to do, like implementing strategies to deal with U.S. and getting familiar with future battlefields but attacking Taiwan is currently out of CCP hands.

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