Li Keqiang a top-level leader of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has become increasingly frustrated over their bureaucracy’s negligence in recent years, according to Chinese-language media Da Ji Yuan. 

The secretary of the Huangshan Municipal Party Committee of Anhui Province recently reported that officials have a mentality of lying flat and doing nothing as if they are waiting for retirement.

Tang Ping or “Lying flat” is China’s most popular trend in recent years among young people In China. They use Lying Flat to show their depression due to the stressful lifestyle of being over-worked and too much study. 

On the contrary, government staffers indicate passivity or lack of initiative. They decided not to do anything to avoid conflicts and responsibilities.

Li Keqiang has shown upset about this in recent years.

On Feb. 9, 2015, BJNews reported on Li Keqiang’s declaration that “It is necessary to take action against mediocre cadres.”

Li asserted, “Being in a position not to act, take the salary not to act, mediocrity and laziness, is also a kind of corruption!.” Therefore, he has required the lower governance to supervise and implement specific actions.

However, seven years have gone by in vain.

According to the China “Anhui Daily” report, Huangshan City held a conference on Feb. 10 to improve working culture. Through data comparison and statistics, Secretary of the municipal party committee Ling Yun paired with a 60-page PowerPoint exhibition to examine officials’ productivity and style. Ling Yun also criticized some officials for muddling, waiting for arrangements, transfer, and retirement.

The corrupt working culture has been an issue in the CCP for many years and has worsened over time. As a result, the top-level is struggling and getting louder to command the lower-ranking staff to get things done. published on Sept. 27, 2021, an “out of the lazy mind” article criticizing government officials at all levels who are old enough to think they have reached the goal and no need to work. Some believe there is no opportunity and no future in their career.

Last year, there was a significant power outage in many provinces in China. Shi Shan, a current affairs commentator and expert on China issues in the United States, said on We Media that one of the main reasons was that CCP officials intentionally did nothing to confront the CCP. This is because they don’t want to bear the responsibilities after their work. 

A major flood occurred in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, on July 20 last year, causing significant damage to Zhengzhou’s Changzhuang Reservoir. As a result, they opened all the reservoirs to simultaneously release the water from seven rivers.

Wang Weiluo, a water conservancy expert, living in Germany, believes that the flood has the factor of officials lying flat, and middle-level officials will not decide to release the flood by themselves. They are scared that they will be held more accountable if they make a mistake. So they were waiting for the order of the person above. The result of the floods was the inaction of local officials under the CCP’s rigid system.

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