According to the XQ newspaper, from May 28 to 29, after being hit by a new round of heavy rainfall, Leye County, Baise City, and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region experienced flooding disasters that inundated residential houses and farmland. 

Many roads collapsed, and communication and power supply facilities were interrupted. 

It’s the heaviest rainfall that Leye County has suffered since 1983. In the severely affected villages of Renli and Lianzhuan, many houses were flooded, farmlands were seriously flooded, bridges collapsed, and landslides occurred in Lianzhuan Village. In addition, a brick and concrete farmhouse in Tunyi collapsed, causing one death and one injury.

According to preliminary statistics, 97 houses in Leye County and more than 4,000 acres of crops were flooded, more than 500 telecommunications base stations and over 75 kilometers of optical cables were damaged, and many landslips blocked roads. 

Apart from Baise Leye County, many other areas in Guangxi also suffered severe consequences from flooding.

Xinhua News Agency cited information from Guangxi Zhuang (广西壮)Autonomous Region’s Emergency Management Bureau. They report that the rainfall from May 22 caused flooding in 8 cities and 19 counties in Guangxi.

Since May 26, torrential rain has hit northern and central Guangxi. It then produces floods in Guilin桂林 and Hechi河池, as well as landslides in many locations. The flooding ruined 4,500 hectares (about 11,000 acres) of crops, and more than 200 houses were damaged.

As of May 27, the population affected by the floods is over 100,000. In ​​Datang 大塘 town, Laibin来宾 city, Guangxi province, heavy rains caused flooding and swept away three schoolchildren, two of whom died

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