Recently, a Chinese person found a letter in a school’s library in China reflecting on the tragedies of people living under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ‘s regime, spreading like fire on social media. 

According to Timed News, the letter’s title says that it is intended for readers who have not lost their independent thinking.

For a Westerner, this kind of letter may seem an everyday thing and nothing to be surprised about. But for a Chinese person in China, to dare to criticize the CCP is to put their life at risk. 

The first part of the letter refers to the incident where the man hung a banner protesting the CCP’s policies at the Sitong overpass last month.

The letter reminds the reader that there is no freedom in China as the man protesting at Sitong Bridge has gone missing. And freedom is something the CCP has not allowed in China ever since the regime took power. 

The author of the letter said that a student saw this more than half a century ago and demanded that freedom be written into the constitution. But in the end, the screams for freedom were silenced by the CCP.

The next part of the letter asks the Chinese people to consider they are deceiving themselves that everything is fine.

The author points out that the human rights abuses committed by the CCP in Xinjiang are one example showing the opposite.
Authorities used the pretext of fighting the pandemic to strictly control people in Urumqi and Zhengzhou, causing tragedies in the past months. This example exposes the truth about the so-called “good things” that the CCP propagates.

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