In recent days, the post-opening pandemic in China is increasing rapidly.

Overcrowded hospitals lead to people having to wait in the streets or in hospital corridors to receive treatment or hospitalization.

Pain relievers and fever reducers, such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen, have become scarce and expensive.

According to Yahoo Taiwan, Ning Guang, president of Ruijin Hospital affiliated with Shanghai Medical University, suggested in a press conference that drinking warm lemon water can relieve symptoms. After that, people rushed to buy lemons. The price for a lemon then climbed to almost $1.50, equivalent to the price of a kilogram of lemons in Taiwan right now

All kinds of fresh lemons on the e-commerce floor are sold out, dried lemon slices, lemon soda, and lemon tea bags are either.

In addition, canned pickled yellow peaches, considered a nutritious delicacy in many parts of China, are highly sought after. This product is currently out of stock in many online stores.

Medicine shortages have spread from mainland China to Hong Kong. In some pharmacies in Hong Kong, fever-reducing medicines have been sold out. Most buyers send the medicine to their family and friends living in the mainland.

Among the famous entrepreneurs who have recently shared their COVID experience on social media is Soho’s founder & CEO, Zhang Chaoyang.

On the afternoon of December 14, he shared on WeChat that he had recovered from his fever after two consecutive days of 39.5 degrees and confessed he had “never been vaccinated.” He advises people not to hoard much fever-reducing medicine. “Antipyretics are the key. Only two ibuprofen tablets were consumed. A box of 24 ibuprofen tablets is enough for a few people… Let the people who have no money and no resources have antipyretics, especially the elderly.”

According to the website, as of December 14, China recorded 369,918 COVID cases, 5,235 deaths, and 329,409 recoveries.

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