‘Leftover’ snacks in China becoming increasingly popular

A new food known as a “leftover” snack has recently appeared in China. It is popular among people because of its low cost. However, its quality is also a topic that causes many lively discussions among netizens.

According to Sohu, sales of leftovers and snacks on Taobao and Tmall alone exceeded 20 million yuan (more than $2.9 million) in the first quarter of this year, an increase of more than 17 times over the previous year.

 The so-called “leftover” snacks are generally the corners and leftovers cut off during food production, such as bread edges, pieces of ham, crumbs, cakes, and so on. Therefore, there will not be too much difference in taste and aroma compared to regular products.

However, some people have found that some products are named after leftover snacks, but they are actually common products. This is to increase the appeal to the public.

Chinese netizens comment on these products in two extremes. On the one hand, some think it is cheap and can help companies avoid wastage. However, some believe that the quality and safety of these foods are questionable and that caution should be exercised.

Groom challenge caused a stir among netizens

Recently, a viral video on the Internet about a groom undergoing challenges has attracted public attention.

The footage shows the groom squatting in a well. Many people poured soy sauce, vinegar, drinks, stinky tofu and other liquids on him. The groom was nauseous and covered his mouth, trying to endure the ordeal. Someone shouted “almost there,” but the crowd didn’t stop.

Wang, the person who posted this video, said that this game was for his friend on the wedding day in Zhengzhou, Henan. Everyone had fun after playing this game.

Many netizens left comments after seeing this scene. Some people said that it is impossible to think that in 2022 there will still be such customs. Some people say that playing like that is too excessive.

Groom challenge games are quite common in China. A groom has even been hung on an electric pole for everyone to pour liquids on him. This often appears in traditional Chinese weddings. The bride’s house puts requirements that the groom must pass in order to marry the girl. This also symbolizes that the groom can overcome life’s difficulties to bring happiness to his bride.

China conducts testing of live lobster samples to detect COVID

After more than two years of the pandemic outbreak, nucleic acid testing has always been a priority for the Chinese government to prevent the spread of COVID.

China’s medical personnel recently received a request to collect nucleic acid samples from food while the rest of the world adopted testing for humans.

The video shows a lobster taking a COVID test in a seafood store. They are still alive in the aquarium. 

This could surprise many people, as scientists haven’t concluded seafood will infect people with COVID. But this is a job requested by the Chinese authorities, so the anti-epidemic staff and the people cannot refuse.

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