A familiar way of protesting authorities’ strict Covid measures has recently begun to emerge in Beijing. Residents in apartment buildings shout out to make loud sounds. This approach is similar to Shanghai residents in response to lockdown.

The video shows that residents in an apartment complex are shouting out loud during night time. The building is located in Shijiazhuang Central Street, Beijing.

This is one of residents’ resistant methods to express their dissatisfaction with the city’s strict lockdown policy. The scene looks like the pot-banging protest from Shanghai citizens on May 1.

Under severe food and supplies shortage due to citywide lockdown, Shanghai residents banged pots and pans to protest against the strict measures.

In response to the pot-banging resistance from its residents, Shanghai authorities blamed so-called foreign forces for inciting the people. The authorities then told everyone to distinguish right from wrong and not let foreign-hostile powers take advantage of the incident.

After the response from the Shanghai government, netizens questioned that the authorities did not specify which way is wrong and which way is right.

Some wonder what kind of justification Beijing authorities will deliver this time for the resistance from residents.

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