On November 30, an audio recording of a pandemic prevention meeting at Shifang High School, Shifang City, Sichuan Province, was leaked.

The content of the recording, shared by the Twitter account @whyyoutouzhele, shows that major changes are about to take place in pandemic prevention and control in China.

According to Sound of Hope, in the recording, a man announced that Chinese authorities were about to launch a new pandemic prevention model, and Shifang Middle School was selected to conduct preliminary experiments. 

The man added that this is an order issued by the central government, not a decision of the Shifang city government.

The man went on to say that the State Council article specifically showed that the toxicity of the Omicron virus variant is less than or equal to that of the flu and that it is less harmful to the human body. Therefore, the superiors asked everyone to increase their contact. Because cross-infection is the basis for strengthening resistance.

If the recording is real, it means that China’s regime is planning to change the Chinese Communist Party’s Zero-Covid policy, which has been opposed by the Chinese people for being too rigid and draconian.

However, some netizens said that the Chinese authorities taking children as experimental subjects is an inhuman act.

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