With the approaching anniversary of 100 years since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was created, under pressure from the Communist authorities, leaders of the patriotic Catholic church, declared that the church in China listens and follows the CCP, the regime that made it its mission to eliminate faith in God from the face of the Earth.

According to Breitbart, Liu Yuanlong, vice president of the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CPCA), said in his official statement last month in honor of the Communist Party’s upcoming anniversary, “We have to firmly support the Chinese Communist Party with Xi Jinping at its core. We listen to and follow the Party.”

“God has chosen the Chinese Communist Party,” Liu Yuanlong assured.

On the other hand, in May, ACPC president John Fang stressed that his church’s followers would continue to “deepen the sinicization of the Catholic religion.” By sinicization he means changing something original and making it more ‘Chinese.’

“We maintain a high degree of alignment with the Party and walk firmly on the path of loving the country and the religion,” wrote Fang, who is also bishop of the diocese of Shandong, a province in eastern China.

Beatrice Leung, a former research professor at the Ursuline University of Languages in Wenzao, Taiwan, said most statements were aimed at Chinese officials.

She explained that although they are church leaders, they have no independence, are under the Party hierarchy, and cannot deviate from the party line.

“I don’t blame them. Facing the government in their positions, what can they possibly say? They must follow Xi Jinping’s thoughts,” Beatrice said.

What is the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association

The ACPC is one of China’s official religions that has not only the approval of the CCP but its authorities—bishops and priests—are elected by the Communist authorities.

Therefore, the faithful and members of the church contribute their money to the Chinese communist government, whose ideological axis is atheism expressed by Marxism.

The patriotic church was established in China because of the need to demonstrate to the international community that there is ‘freedom of belief’ in the Asian giant.

However, the only relationship the ACPC has with the Vatican, the highest authority of Catholics globally is a much-criticized agreement that Pope Francis recently renewed.

The agreement, seen by many as a recognition of the communist dictatorship, allows the CCP to continue to elect its own church authorities, to continue to control the management of this ‘religion.’ It is unclear what, if any, benefits such an agreement has for the Vatican.

However, the Chinese Communist Party is considered the worst violator of human rights, and religious persecutions are particularly documented for decades by various organizations and governments.

In February, Wang Yang, chairman of the National Committee of the People’s Political Consultative Conference, told religious leaders to use the anniversary celebration as an opportunity to align religious doctrine with socialism, even though Mao Zedong himself said that religion is ‘the opium of the masses’ to justify his eternal struggle against God.

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