Nearly 13,000 people urgently evacuated as floods hit Shaanxi

The Ankang section of the Han River in China has experienced the highest flooding since the flood season began in 2022 due to heavy and continuous rainfall.

As reported by Chinese media, in the early morning of October 5, the flow of the Shuhe River power station in Xunyang City, Shaanxi, reached 8,000 cubic meters per second due to heavy rains. A total of 42 weather stations in Ankang City recorded rainfall exceeding 50 mm (1,97 inches) on the 5th and a maximum cumulative rainfall reaching 80.8 mm (3,18 inches).

At 6 a.m. on October 5, nearly 13,000 people were urgently evacuated from Ankang, Shaanxi province.

A video shared on the Internet shows that streets in many parts of Shaanxi province were flooded, and heavy rainfall also caused landslides that brought traffic to a standstill.

Lanzhou city police deployed in a strict fight against the pandemic

China’s 20th National Party Congress is approaching. The government of Lanzhou has tightened management and control of the population.

However, although Lanzhou city authorities report only a small number of infections per day, a large number of police officers have been mobilized to reach the risk areas. They have been tasked with tracking and capturing positive COVID cases for isolation.

A video posted online by locals shows that on October 5, dozens of police and emergency vehicles lined the road in Lanzhou City, Gansu. In addition, police forces are heavily concentrated in residential areas to perform their duties. The scene looks like a severe incident has just occurred.

Gansu: College students encouraged to join the army with bonus of up to 10,000 yuan

According to China Central Television (CCTV), on October 6, the Gansu provincial government issued a policy to encourage college students to enlist in the military.

Accordingly, Gansu province has launched a one-time incentive system for college students to enlist in the military. 10,000 yuan will be paid to graduates with a bachelor’s degree or higher and 7,000 yuan to specialized graduates. Current students (including first-year students) will receive bonuses of 7,000 yuan for bachelor’s degree graduates and 5,000 yuan for specialized graduates.

In addition, students who have joined the army after graduation will be facilitated to find jobs and develop personal businesses.

Chinese government launched disinformation campaign after the Solomon Islands riots

On October 5, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) released a new report noting that the Chinese government had launched a campaign to coordinate disinformation in the Solomon Islands. The campaign to spread information about Australia, the United States and Taiwan fomented the unrest that rocked the capital, Honiara, last year.

According to the report, China’s action undermined both Australia and the U.S. in the Solomon Islands and established public attitudes. However, China’s attempts have had limited success.

The 67 Chinese media articles were only shared 11 times on the Facebook page. Even when these articles are retweeted, they receive very little attention, and the comments are mostly negative about China.

However, ASPI warns that China’s propaganda war, over the long term, continues to have some effect. ASPI also recommends that the Australian federal government support more research into disinformation campaigns in the Pacific region to combat these “foreign government” actions.

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