There are new outbreaks in China including in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, and Xining City, Qinghai Province. The local government’s ineffective implementation of the pandemic policy has frustrated the public. According to reports, the lockdown in Xining, the capital of Qinghai province, caused a lack of supplies. As a result some elderly people were not even able to eat a full meal before dying. The photo of Lanzhou citizens being quarantined at an outdoor parking lot or in a public restroom has sparked controversy, and authorities have not yet responded.

Lanzhou people being quarantined in an outdoor parking lot circulates on internet

Recently, some netizens reported that Qilihe district is the most affected area in Lanzhou. There are reports that people are quarantined in toilets and in outdoor parking lots, when the local temperature is close to 0ºC (32°F). There are also rumors that authorities have retaliated against the quarantined residents for revealing the incident.

On October 25, some Weibo netizens criticized the Qilihe district government for quarantining residents at the outdoor parking lot of Wanhui Plaza overnight. Videos posted on the internet show more than 20 rudimentary beds in a parking lot. Residents have only a few necessities such as blankets and mineral water. The scene went viral. Some netizens noticed that in the early morning on October 25, the outdoor temperature in Lanzhou was 39ºF.

The people quarantined at parking lot are employees of Hualian supermarket, because there were COVID-19 cases at the supermarket, so employees were not allowed to go home. They were all stranded in the parking lot.

Some netizens revealed that after authorities learned that the videos posted on the internet were of an outdoor quarantine area they quickly demanded that all beds be removed, and forced the quarantined people to wait in the parking lot.

Netizens with the account “Fog and lamp” said that because they were worried about the photo, the leaders removed the beds and asked everyone to wait, and said they need to disinfect the area inside. Then, unable to withstand the pressure of public opinion, they took everyone to a convention and exhibition center to stay overnight.

Some other videos and photos show many people being quarantined in public restrooms, with people sleeping on the floor at night.

A resident by the name of Xiao, who lives near the outdoor parking lot, told an Epoch Times reporter on October 27 that these photos and videos were widely spread on the internet on the evening of October 26.

Xiao said that the people in the parking lot were not supposed to be quarantined there, but they were waiting to be transferred to the quarantine center. “They are residents who live in the same neighborhood as us and they have tested positive.” The bus hadn’t arrived. At first there were beds, after the photos and videos were released, the beds were taken away. People still had to wait there. After a while they were taken to quarantine.

Xiao said the recent wave of the pandemic in Lanzhou spread relatively quickly and is very severe. All those who tested positive were taken to quarantine. He said, “There are a lot of people here from Ningxia, and I don’t know if people from other areas have brought the virus. The pandemic has spread, and there are a lot of close contacts, many people tested positive. The pandemic control policy (of the government) is not effective.”

Many local netizens said that they have been locked up for more than a month, but the pandemic situation has not changed.

A social media account called “Portland Cement” said, “The pandemic situation in Lanzhou is quite serious, positive cases have been actively traced, but the government does not answer people’s questions. The method of dealing with the pandemic is also unclear. And now many schools in Lanzhou are infected.”

An account called “Italian Artillery of the 386th Brigade Independence Regiment” denounced, The Lanzhou government concealed the report, they were completely unable to control the pandemic. I don’t know why they did that.”

Hu Xijin, former editor-in-chief of the CCP’s Global Times, also posted on Weibo, “The authorities in Lanzhou, Xining and other cities are urgently tracking the pandemic, and the pandemic prevention and control situation is very serious.” Hu also called on officials to explain why people had been quarantined in an outdoor parking lot.

As early as mid-October, a large-scale cluster infection occurred at Lanzhou University of Arts and Sciences, and a large number of students quickly filled the quarantine cabins.

According to official reports, the current outbreak in Lanzhou began on September 9 and has lasted a month and a half.

Old people in Xining die of hunger; People say that buying food is difficult and expensive

On October 20, 3 cases were detected at the Agricultural Products Distribution Center, Qinghai-Tibet plateau, in Xining City, Chengbei District. Local officials said that from October 21, management measures requiring people not to leave their homes have been fully implemented in Xining’s main urban area.

Xining has a population of nearly 2.48 million people. Due to the sudden lockdown of many districts, many households could not prepare. Food was difficult to get and expensive and people had to wait in long lines.

A WeChat group recently spread an article titled “Continue to let everyone see the voice of Xining netizens today,” and also posted some Xining netizens’ comments or screenshots of conversations, which mentioned the problem of how difficult it was to buy vegetables. Someone said that before his grandfather died, he didn’t get a chance to eat or see his grandchildren for the last time.

Some cleaners were locked in public restrooms and had to have food delivered through the windows; Dozens of workers were stranded at a construction site and were given only two packets of instant noodles for three days. In addition, the article also mentions the issue of price increases.

On October 26, Chen Xiaoping, director of the Xining City Department of Commerce, said that people complained that it was difficult to buy vegetables and had to wait in long lines. This is mainly because most of the fruit shops in the city get there goods from the distribution center on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau that has been closed due to the pandemic.

In addition, some netizen said that the pandemic in Qinghai had left “migrant workers without income and students were not allowed to attend classes for three or four months.”

The pandemic situation in Datong, Shanxi is very serious, the supply is short

After the 20th congress ended, the pandemic in China heated up, and the number of local cases exceeded 1,000 for two consecutive days. People in Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu, Shanxi, Henan and other places are still under strict control. On the internet, they ask for help due to lack of essentials and hospitals are closed.

The pandemic situation in Datong city, Shanxi province is still serious. Some netizens from Datong said on Weibo that Datong has been closed for two weeks, and food is in short supply. Someone lamented, “My family is in Datong, for two weeks now we have to stay at home. The pandemic has not only not subsided but also doubled, necessities are not provided. Currently, three hospitals are also closed. Hope everyone can know the dire situation in Datong. Please.”

The pandemic situation in Zhengzhou, Henan is also not very good.Until now, CCP officials continue to enforce the “zero-COVID” policy, restricting the movement of a large number of people. According to Sohu, as of 3 p.m. on October 29, there are a total of 4,135 medium and high-risk areas in China, nearly half are in Xinjiang, and many people are forced to stay at home.

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