On the first day of China’s National Memorial week, residents of many sub-districts gathered to protest in Lanzhou.

According to Sound of Hope, after three days of protests at Jiuzhou Central Park in Lanzhou, the lockdown order in the sub-district was over on October 1. Freedom fighters were finally able to get their wish.

On the same day, people gathered and protested at Tianyu Phoenix City Community, Lanzhou. Residents shouted “Unlock down! Unlock down!” An angry residents said, “Aren’t you here to beat us? Come here!” The video shows some police officers just standing still and watching from afar. Then the residents shouted, “Apologize! Apologize!”

The person who posted the video said that the police did not help because they were themselves “not strong enough” and were waiting for support.

Another video shows residents of another subdivision in Lanzhou rushing out of the lockdown area. In the video a voice is heard: “Arrest? Arrest? Arrest them all! Let’s see how many people you can arrest?!”

Another video was posted on Twitter account Martin on October 2. A large number of residents gathered inside the gate of the residential area—the residents at the scene were very upset and the noise at the scene was very loud. Then, the bar at the door seemed to be raised, along with the man’s voice shouting: “Let’s go! Let’s go!” followed by the applause of the residents.

According to information on the internet, during the holiday season, gatherings and protests against the lockdown broke out in residential communities at Yuansen Rose Garden, Yuansen Magnolia Garden, Tianyuan 9, Tianyu Phoenix City, and other residential communities.

Some residents were informed in advance and fled the subdivision before the lockdown. The video shows many people carrying backpacks running out quickly at night.

After that, the government increased many restrictions to the lockdown and mobilized more staff to suppress, attach yellow codes to people running out, and increase the number of police.

On October 2, a large number of police cars rushed in to arrest people.

According to Sound of Hope, the COVID-19 outbreak started in Gansu province on September 9. As of October 2, the province had only 185 positive cases, of which 182 cases were asymptomatic, accounting for more than 98%. In the past 7 days, only 16 new cases of the virus were found in Gansu.

Some netizen said, “Tolerating patiently only makes the bad guys even more fearless, but only resistance can bring hope.”

The Paper said that the Lanzhou city government has strictly controlled the flow of people in and out of the area. Officials advised people to celebrate National Day locally, not to leave the city, and not to travel to infected areas unless absolutely necessary. Those who really need to go out need to report in, and those who do not report when going out must take responsibility.

All people arriving and returning to Lanzhou must give 3 days notice, or they must additionally report 12 hours before their arrival. Besides, they must have a nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours of the date of their arrival. After arriving in Lanzhou, they cannot go out to party, cannot gather, or cannot go to crowded places.

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