According to Sohu, on July 24, 169 new Covid cases were reported in Lanzhou city, Gansu province, China. The province has been closed for more than two weeks due to the serious COVID-19 outbreak. Local netizens have recorded a video showing anti-epidemic workers carrying submachine guns on their shoulders to control residents locked in their homes.

According to the Lanzhou city authorities report, by the end of July 23, Lanzhou had opened 188 concentrated isolation points and is currently quarantining more than 12,300 people. Currently, Lanzhou has 211 high-risk areas and 108 medium-risk areas.

Local netizens in Lanzhou recorded a video revealing that all residents in high and medium-risk areas must self-isolate at home and are not allowed to set foot outside. The footage shows epidemic prevention workers collecting nucleic acid samples from house to house. However, what is surprising is that these workers were followed by some special operations officers, one of them was even carrying a submachine gun. The loudspeakers which they carried also continuously broadcasted announcements from authorities: Prevent epidemic at home, coordinate with nucleic acid testing.

After watching the video, a netizen exclaimed: They treated the epidemic area’s residents like thugs, huh?

Sound Of Hope quoted some netizens’ comments, including an article describing the epidemic prevention process of a Lanzhou netizen:

“I looked at the records and found that the epidemic control had started on July 12, and I did the nucleic acid tests daily. During this period, the control had been upgraded step by step, from not being allowed to leave the house unless necessary to only going out once per household per day. During the first few rounds of screening, my residence had two or three positive cases, then there were none because no one was allowed to go out since the gates were completely blocked. Outside, sometimes propaganda loudspeaker cars were running along the street, saying not to leave the house unless necessary. I know that relevant departments also used drones to monitor.

This Lanzhou netizen said that he suddenly appreciated all of the things that have been gradually lost under the so-called epidemic prevention.

“Coffee, ice cream, fresh vegetables, sun bathing, walking, it’s all gone, the standard has been lowered and the next step is probably just being alive is fine, everything else does not matter, right? So we ceded freedom, ceded life, ceded privacy, and coordinated every command, but could not get effective (pandemic) prevention measures in return.” 

This netizen added that Lanzhou people are facing may be due to their cowardice and concessions, or the excessive pressure of those in power.

According to Sound of Hope, what local residents can do every day is queueing for nucleic acid tests.

From some photos, it can be seen that Lanzhou’s streets do not have a single trace of people.

Local netizens revealed this outbreak was because authorities held the 28th Lanzhou Fair, before the Lanzhou Fair was over, the city was already closed.

According to the official media of the Chinese regime, the 28th China Lanzhou Trade and Investment Fair opened in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province on the morning of July 7. This fair has invited Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates as guest countries, while Shandong Province and Jiangsu Province are invited provinces. In addition, it has attracted embassies, consulates, business associations and many domestic and foreign enterprises from Spain, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries to participate. The media also reported that the focus of this Lanzhou Fair is to promote the “One Belt, One Road” initiative of the Chinese regime.

According to Sound of Hope, a netizen said the Lanzhou Fair did not bring investment and opportunity, only the virus. One said, “Which leader thought of opening this useless Lanzhou Fair, it did not only not bring in investment money, but also led the city to being closed down.”

One netizen commented bitterly: “All the dreams are over. Now it’s time to enter the real world! On the 13th day of Lanzhou’s lockdown, early in the morning, the street was deserted and empty. I can’t imagine how much bitterness and ups and downs are behind the silence of millions of people, although the epidemic will definitely pass, but can their spirit and enthusiasm return?”

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