What students are always afraid of these days is happening again in Gansu and Shanghai. They are afraid of being pulled into quarantine, in poor-condition cabins or dorm rooms with no or limited food and medical care. Authorities concealed the serious pandemic situation, making it more difficult for the students.

According to RFA, Lanzhou University of Arts and Sciences in Gansu had more than 3,000 positive cases due to cross-infection in a quarantine ward within just five days from October 7 to 11. 

Thousands of quarantined students or seriously ill people desperately called for help online.

These students revealed to The Epoch Times that the school had been closed since October 4. The pandemic was basically out of control.

A Lanzhou University of Arts and Sciences student, by the name of Xiaochao, told The Epoch Times that the da bais came knocking on the dormitory door at 1 a.m. and sent them to quarantine. They had to wait for a bus all night, getting to the quarantine point at 10 a.m.

During their stay in the hospital, they did not see their nucleic acid test reports. The doctor only said that they were positive and needed treatment. On the afternoon of October 9, Xiaochao had a fever of 39.8 C (over 103 F). He asked the hospital many times for medicine and finally received a box of Lianhua Qingwen granules, fever medication.

He added that, on the morning of October 9, he did not eat the school breakfast and went to the hospital to quarantine and wasn’t given anything to eat until 7 p.m.

In the dorms, fevered students below 40 C or 104 F are not allowed to take oral medication and they don’t know where to call for help.

One student told RFA that he called the police hotline and the emergency center several times, but they never answered the phone.

A resident near the Lanzhou University of Arts and Sciences, surname Wang, told Sound of Hope on October 12, “There are many cases here now, and they are locked down. No one can get in.”

Although the internet police tried to suppress the news, some information still appeared on Weibo. 

A girl cried for help online, “My mother contacted me. … She sent an electric mattress in the afternoon, but I wasn’t given medicine. Help me.” 

Students told The Epoch Times that there is only breakfast and dinner but no lunch for them in the cabin.

A local university employee said to RFA that a young man in Lanzhou was detained for seven days and fined 2,000 yuan, about $280 for his recent online comment about the city being in lockdown, “Because you are not an official so the information you posted is just a rumor. If you send a message an hour earlier, or two hours earlier, they are rumors and you can’t tell the truth.”

The situation at the Shanghai University of Economics and Finance is just as bad. Many students revealed online that even a person with code blue was dragged to the shelter at midnight. Sanitary conditions there are poor, and the supace is full of garbage. When the students resisted a little, they were given a red code and forced to submit.

On October 6, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention published data that there were 0 deaths from the new coronavirus in August. Netizens were skeptical about this.

China Digital Times commentator Lin said that the CCP’s “zero-COVID” policy is a tool to maintain control and it will not end when the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is over. “China’s real estate, banking, manufacturing, jobs, and many crises have made Chinese society very unstable. Many Chinese people are complaining. Yes, for now. It works great. Also, its technology, pop-ups, code red, code yellow, use big data to control people.”

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