As reported by China News, landslides occurred on June 9 in many villages in Guangxi Province due to recent heavy rainfall, killing at least seven people, with one person missing.

Four villages, including Dacun and Gaotang in Xinfeng Town; Daluodong and Yangdao in Longsheng Town, have been affected by the heavy rain. They are all in Beiliu city, Guangxi Province.

The local meteorological bureau has continued to issue red rainstorm warning signals.

Since June 3, the province has faced large-scale heavy rainfall, with an average precipitation of 76.5 mm for the whole area.

Disasters in Beiliu city are mainly mountain collapses.

Roads have become blocked under mud and debris, and some people have become trapped. One rescue team rushed to the scene of such a disaster on foot for 10 kilometers to rescue and transfer the trapped people.

Currently, local emergency rescue work has ended, and aftermath-related work is still in progress.

According to the information released by the local weather station, as of 8:00 on June 9, many parts of southeastern Guangxi have suffered heavy rainstorms.

It is expected that from June 10 to 14, the province will usher in another continuous torrential rain, accompanied by convective solid weather processes such as short-term thunderstorms and strong winds.

The new round of rainfall is superimposed on the previous period, especially in northern Guangxi, with significant accumulated rainfall and high water level. The risk of flooding in small and medium-sized rivers is high, and flood disasters are prone to occur along the riverside and in low-lying areas.

Two local departments, including Water Resources and Meteorological Bureau, jointly issued a meteorological warning for mountain torrent disasters at 16:00 on June 9. Notably, it is expected that from 20:00 on June 9 and 20:00 on June 10, there is a high possibility of mountain torrent disasters in the northwest of Baise and northeast Liuzhou. The Eastern part of Qinzhou and northwest of Hechi are likely to face the same disasters.

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