After the 20th National Congress, supply and marketing cooperatives across China started cropping up. The Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives of China also published job notices. About 50,000 supply and marketing cooperatives in rural areas have been established, and the trading of agricultural products is left to these cooperatives to manage, according to RFA.

Sohu said that the two-year pilot of supply and marketing cooperatives officially began in July 2021. Some provinces and cities under central management and autonomous regions including Dongbei, Huabei, Huadong, and Zhongnan, were selected to roll out the experiment. The pilot project was to accumulate information and use the results to gage implementing the plan on a large scale. 

RFA quoted Li Ang, a commentator on Hunan current affairs, as saying, “From the central to the provincial government, they are restoring this model. They just quietly implement it instead of publicly. It is possible that after the relationship with Western countries is completely over and the economy is isolated, China will return to the previous planned economic period.” As for why the regime didn’t make a public announcement, Li said it might be because the time was not yet ripe.

A Wuhan netizen by the name of Cai, asked, “We no longer believe in the Communist Party of China. They don’t do anything for their people. They only do it for themselves. First of all, they want to protect the regime. Everyone can see how great the cost of maintaining stability is. Is there anywhere on earth like China where the government just carries on with having their Congress and gives zero care or attention to how their people are living. What are they really thinking?” on October 17 shared that the Hubei Provincial Marketing and Supply Cooperative reported that since 2015, it has been a part of the project to restore and re-establish cooperatives at the commune-level. Currently, there are 452,000 cooperative members, and the number of cooperative members who are farmers has increased 5 times within 5 years, from 51,500 in 2016 to 333,000 in 2021. By the end of 2021, the total number of grassroots cooperatives of Hubei province was 1,373, basically covering all towns.

A video that went viral on the Internet on October 31 stating that Liu Shiyu, who used to work at the China Securities Regulatory Commission, is currently the chairman of the Supply and Marketing Cooperative, and he is setting up supply and marketing cooperatives in many provinces across the country. A person in the video said that these cooperatives are a thing of the past from the open-door policy. The most important reason to reinstate them was to standardize trade.

The gentleman believes that the regime has already prepared for a return of the planned economy. And he points out that there will be no private enterprise. And in the future banks will reissue money taking care of the shortage right now.

The rapid increase in the number of cooperatives in China has triggered heated discussions among netizens. 

The Vision Times quoted comments from some netizens.

Some netizen left a sarcastic comment, “The longer you live, the younger you are, now we are back to the era of supply and marketing cooperatives. The hundred-year-old CPP monster is really powerful. Food stamps, clothing coupons, and soap coupons. When will industrial products coupons be issued?”

Another said, “Anyone with a bit of common sense in economics can’t do this.”

Some netizen even predicted, “Of course there may not be a need to repay the mortgage, housing will be nationalized and redistributed, you just have to pay the rent on time! If you don’t believe it, wait and see.”

Another person pointed out that the regime will turn the cooperatives into a monopoly. Foreign-invested and private supermarkets will close, or they will have to import at high prices. Then they will destroy convenience stores, markets, and private business households. Authorities such as Urban Management, or Industry and Trade, will harass you until you can’t bear it and close up shop. The cooperatives then take over. This is the correct answer: This is preparing for war, returning to the form of isolation. Next, World War 3 begins, and the CCP will invade the world.

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