As Time News reported, the shortage of artificial blood vessels in China is taking place seriously. This is due to China’s regime’s anti-epidemic policy against Covid-19. This situation also reflects the limitations of Chinese science and technology.

According to Time News, in recent months, the epidemic in Shanghai has worsened the shortage of artificial blood vessels. Because Shanghai has a large number of biomedical companies, it is also an important transit point for medical products imported from abroad into China.

In addition, the shortage is also caused by the limited research and production capacity of medical products in China.

Artificial blood vessels are among the products that China has not been able to actively manufacture, even though this type of medical product has a history of nearly 70 years and is not a new high-tech product.

Time News added that in 2020, out of 45 medical devices that have completed procurement evaluation in Anhui province, 22 are imported devices.

More than 80% of China’s high-end medical equipment still relies on imports. Some medical devices are so-called localized products but are still mainly considered at the “assembled” level. Their core technology, materials, or components are still produced by foreign companies.

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