According to mainland media, Minzhi Primary School in Longhua District, Shenzhen, was recently reluctant to become “well-known.” 

The school’s Parent Committee representative conducted a surprise inspection of its catering kitchen and found the sanitary conditions too poor.

A video taken by parents at the scene shows that all kitchen utensils have maggots, and the pot’s lid also has strange spots that are suspected to be maggots’ eggs.

Internet users who posted a video said that the supplier’s cooking utensils had a bad smell and that maggots were crawling and flies were buzzing in the air in the bucket.

Some parents revealed that the school administration had previously organized personnel to check, but at that time, they had not discovered such a bad situation. They suspect the meal supplier had prepared the facility for the scheduled inspection.

This catering company is Shiyuanxin Catering Management, which has provided lunch for primary students at MinZhi Primary school for years.

After the incident, the public account of the Longhua Education Department and Minzhi school released notices confirming the incident.

The school announced that it had terminated the probationary contract of the meal supplier. But some parents wondered why this catering company has been operating for years but is still under a probationary contract.

The incident has attracted great attention from mainlanders. They left comments criticizing both the school and the authorities on the management of tenders and the operation of food companies.

Currently, supplier Shiyuanxin Catering has been suspended by the authorities. According to the announcement, it will soon open a comprehensive inspection of schools and other catering companies.

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