In mid-May, Shanghai officials announced the lockdowns would be gradually eased as the city achieved a pandemic control target. After that, many people have flocked to the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station en masse.

However, their way back home is still challenging because public transport has not fully recovered and the taxi prices are too high for most. Therefore, some have to walk to the station. 

After a two-month lockdown, leaving this city is still a long journey. Good deeds from many people across this city still make people once again have faith in this world. Many touching stories have been recently circulated regarding the incident. 

Here is one such case.

A young man from Guizhou named Xiao Ren was only 19 years old.


(video about Xiao Ren)

He arrived in Shanghai for the first time in March and worked as a delivery man. But he also was locked into a rental home for a whole month.

And earlier this month, he got his ‘rider pass.’ He went out to earn money and found that he could no longer return home.

Besides going out for delivery, he spends time taking more people to the station no matter how far it is, day or night.

The generous factory owner where he works offered him a seven-seater electric car.

Even on his days off, he will not stop helping more people get to Hongqiao Station.

Struggling with life every day, he still thinks about taking more orders to make some money. However, due to his remarkable selflessness, he also delivered water and meals to people waiting outside the station.

This young man told strangers many encouraging words, telling people who were on their way to the station that he would be back to pick them up. 

Another 27-year-old man named Zhang Pengfei from Jilin works as a hotel cashier in Shanghai.

Due to the COVID outbreak, Zhang was locked in the dormitory for nearly a month. He then decided to leave the city.

After walking more than 100 kilometers over two days and two nights in an effort to return to his own home, he was forced to go back because he didn’t have a ‘leaving Shanghai certificate.’

However, he spent 629 yuan (about 95 dollars) renting an electric car to help more people return home. 

He makes more than a dozen trips every day and charges the battery more than a dozen times, but he still insists on not taking a penny.

He said that he just wants to help everyone who encounters difficulties.

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