An institution in Jianli City, Hubei Province, recruited a candidate with a score of 3 points. It’s a hot topic among Chinese netizens. Even though the institute canceled the recruiting, many accused the official of treating people as fools and urged them to look into the social relations behind the scenes.

On August 1st, residents posted screenshots of institutions’ recruitment exam results in Jianli. An applicant with 3.17 points on the written test passed the entrance for the editor position of the Jianli Weather Modification Office.

Under public pressure, the Human Resources and Social Security of Jianli stated that the candidate was the only person participating in the interview because the other 3 skipped the exam. Jianli authorities canceled the recruitment due to the low written test score in response to public pressure.

In answer to the netizens’ question, the authority revealed that there is no required minimum score for the written test, which does not count toward the final score. Interviews only require a minimum of 80 points.

However, the authorities’ approach caused frustration among netizens. One said, “four registered, two did not take the exam, and one skipped the interview test. This kind of official response is equivalent to treating the people of the whole country as fools.”

Another said, to prevent employing low-intelligence into top positions, public examinations, whatever kind, need to set an entrance standard.

A netizen wonders whether the three people were “persuaded” to withdraw from the exam. 

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