Local authorities in Jiangyin city, Jiangsu Province, announced to close the city and sealed the roads with iron sheets on May 4. After the city-wide lockdown announcement, residents rushed to hoard supplies due to a fear of Shanghai-style shortages.

About 1.77 million residents were confined to their homes in the city. Only one person in each household is permitted to go out shopping for two hours a day.

The local government closed the streets on a massive scale with iron sheets.

Jiangyin reported on May 4 that they found many cases of abnormal results in the nucleic acid test in Zhouzhuang Town on the previous day. Since then, the city has been imposed under “control area” management.

Citizens are not allowed to go out of their houses or leave the city, except for such critical cases as urgent medical treatment and 2-hour shopping for essential commodities. Nevertheless, a negative nucleic acid test proof within 24 hours is required.

Some essential services, like supermarkets, farmers’ markets, medical institutions, pharmacies, and takeaways-only restaurants, are still open.

Other business premises, stores, and means of transportation are all suspended.

The Youtube video circulated on May 4 shows that many city zones are blocked by the authorities with iron sheets, making it impossible to pass. Many residents climb and even destroy barricades.

Some people are arrested for refusing to obey the order. In addition, many residents are worried about Shanghai-style shortages under strict lockdown. Therefore, they rushed to the supermarkets to stock up on shopping supplies.

Shanghai has been shut down for more than a month, with no end in sight. Foods remain scarce and prices have skyrocketed in this city. This dire status in the nation’s financial hub has triggered panic buying across China.

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