The Ningbo Intermediate People’s Court of Zhejiang Province held a public hearing on Feb. 18 in the first instance of Shi Wenqing’s case, the former deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Jiangxi Provincial People’s Congress, of taking bribes and illegally possessing guns.

Prosecutors alleged that Shi abused his position as deputy secretary and deputy mayor of the Harbin Municipal Party Committee from 2003 to May 2020 to assist companies and individuals with financing and loans, acquiring state-owned land-use rights, and contracting projects. In return, Shi illegally accepted money and gifts worth more than $30 million.

In 2004, Shi Wenqing handed over a manufactured firearm obtained from others to his relatives for safekeeping. Shi retired in January 2018, and an investigation began on Sept. 21, 2020.

According to Tencent’s news platform Tenxun Xinwen, an article titled “The gold-gathering techniques and multiple faces of a senior deputy provincial official” pointed directly to Shi Wenqing’s alleged corruption and was circulated online on Dec. 18, 2019. The article mentioned that three businessmen, Zeng Yiping, Wen HeKui, and Wang Yufei, jointly reported that Shi Wenqing repeatedly demanded bribes during his tenure in Ganzhou, including a batch of gold worth $3 million and about $21 million in cash.

Shi Wenqing’s profile on Chinese Wikipedia showed that he had a close relationship with Su Rong, the then secretary of Jiangxi Province. He had helped Su Rong’s son Su Tiezhi to make about $1.9 million by contracting for land projects and sent the benefits to Su Rong through Su Rong’s wife, Yu Lifang.

Su Rong was sentenced to life imprisonment in January 2017, and his son Su Tiezhi was arrested in April 2015 on bribery charges.

According to Chinese media Sina, in February 2015, before Shi stepped down as Secretary of the Ganzhou Municipal Party Committee, he had asked his subordinates to organize thousands of people to create a farewell scene.

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