Residents in Yongfeng County, Jiangxi province recently posted moldy mooncakes online and complained that they had received them during the lockdown. Some people wondered if they are really this year’s moon cakes.

According to Tencent, people in a statically managed area in Yongfeng said that most of the mooncakes they received were close to the expiry date and some had expired. Some people had diarrhea after eating them.

On September 10, the Yongfeng District government sent an apology letter stating that the mooncakes had been purchased by the local government from the Jiangxi Tengwang Ge Food Company. Due to potential safety risks in some product batches, the company issued a notice on September 9 to withdraw a number of mooncake products from Tengwang Ge, produced before August 16, 2022.

After that, Tengwang Ge also asked people not to eat mooncakes.

After the problem came to light, netizens were outraged, and this topic was on a hot search list. The Epoch Times made a note of some comments. They wanted to know who is playing tricks to make money. and how many years ago were these mooncakes produced?

Some netizens also questioned whether related businesses had intentionally used poor quality goods to make money from a “national crisis.” Some people also questioned whether public officials colluded with illegal businesses.

On September 11, an article by a netizen with the nickname Hamamson Harano said that some moldy mooncakes were eaten by people in the lockdown area and some experienced diarrhea and vomiting. The number of infected people has not yet been identified. Due to the lockdown, it is not easy to buy medicine and get medical attention. That’s dangerous and caused public outrage.

It is also asked in the article, if these mooncakes had been produced this year? And how can moldy food pass government food safety inspections? Or are there compelling interests on the part of the government and the manufacturer and distributor?

According to the official website of Jiangxi Tengwang Ge Food, the company was established in 1979 and is a leading enterprise in the field of grilled food. The registered trademark of Tengwang Ge is a Jiangxi trademark.

Tengwang Ge brand mooncakes have been rated by the China National Food Industry Association and China Association of Bakery & Confectionery Industry as “Chinese Mooncakes” and “Chinese Famous Cakes,” and has won “Influential Brand in China’s Moon Cake Industry,” “Jiangxi Market Best-Selling Brand,” and “China Special Mooncake.”

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