On June 6, heavy rain caused flooding in Ganxian District (Ganxian), Ganzhou City (Ganzhou), Jiangxi Province. Nearly 1,000 people there were evacuated after being stranded in flood. Many towns and villages were severely damaged. Some elementary and middle schools were closed.

Mainland media channel NetEase, citing information from China’s central broadcaster CCTV, said that on June 6, the rainfall in Ganxian county (Ganxian), Ganzhou city (Ganzhou), of Jiangxi province reached over 10 inches and floods surrounded the villages.

Local rescue teams rushed to the scene, using ropes and boats to evacuate nearly 1,000 trapped people. According to the forecast, rain is still heavy in southern Jiangxi on June 7, especially in the southern region of Ganzhou, where there is still heavy to very heavy rainfall.

On June 6, the local area of Ganxian District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, issued a storm warning red signal. Many county regions were severely affected by floods, flash floods, and landslides. Much agricultural land was flooded.

The media channel “Real Records” reported: “Huge rain suddenly fell in Ganzhou, Jiangxi, with a rainfall of more than 265mm! (over 10 inches). It caused the largest flood in a century. Everyone, please rush to escape! Many villages in Ganxian district have been flooded; villages have turned into a vast ocean! Floods happen every year. This year there are many floods!”

The video posted by the “Real Record” channel shows that the flood water has risen to such an extent that only a few rooftops are seen, and many houses have been submerged in flood water. The village turned into a sea.

Four people at a chicken farm are waiting for the rescue team.

At the scene, a man on a lifeboat said: “This chicken farm, the water is flowing swiftly, everywhere is flooded, everywhere is submerged, the village has turned into a vast ocean!.”

“The whole house was submerged! The people are in danger! Look at this raging torrent!”

“I heard it’s a once-in-a-hundred-year flood! The main road in the town has turned into a raging torrent, many cars are submerged in water.”

On this issue, netizens commented ardently. Vision Times quoted some of them: “China’s irrigation policy must have problems when the water rises, there are once-in-a-hundred-year-floods every year, last year there was also a once-in-a-hundred-year one.”

Another said: “It’s not once-in-a-hundred-year, but every year. To put it bluntly, if you protest for your rights, you can live a life like Taiwan. If not, just keep living like this. The flood disaster is caused by problems with land planning, urban planning, irrigation design, etc.”

Another person commented: “flood disasters every year make people’s lives more difficult. Last year there was a once-in-a-thousand-year flood. … Where did the funding for irrigation works go? Discharging flood without warning, treating human life and property with such disregard.”

Recently, heavy rain has continuously occurred in many places in China, causing floods and flash floods. The account @TwtVideoOfChina has compiled several videos from Chinese people showing the consequences of heavy rains in China in recent days.

A video shows that on June 3, in Xiangxi, Hunan province, a heavy downpour engulfed train tracks. Netizen Victorchan2022 posted the video and said, “You don’t have to go out to see waterfalls and crops fail. This is the first time in more than 20 years that I have seen such heavy rain, and the railway line is flooded. On June 3, the scene of a storm in western Hunan….”

On June 5, at midnight in Beijing, strong wind and heavy hail suddenly uprooted trees. On the same day, heavy rain in Longsheng, Guilin, Guangxi caused the river water to rise. Then, more heavy rain in Fubin city, Liaoning province, caused the streets to turn into rivers.

The account TragedyInChina posted a video saying: “On June 5, the river in Longsheng, Guilin was heavily flooded.”

Naochashu said: “On June 5, Fubin city, Liaoning province, northeast China suffered from heavy rain, the border town became a river, traffic had to use boats.”

Uyunistar said: “On June 5, at midnight in Beijing, there was an unusually strong wind, heavy rain and hail, trees were toppled. The resentment of heaven and the people is spreading everywhere along with the epidemic.”

Ahnewspace tweeted: “Flood hit southern China, a man jumped from the roof of the car to avoid the accident. A video shared on the Internet shows flooded streets in Tongren, Guizhou, on June 2. Rapidly flowing water has engulfed many vehicles..The rains have caused the Yangtze River to rise high, turning the river that flows through Wuhan into a beach [ocean].”

COURAGESTARnew tweeted: “Early morning of June 7, heavy rain hit Shenzhen.”

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