Morning News reported that on June 07, a parent in Nantong, Jiangsu province, accidentally set their own house on fire after burning incense to pray for their child’s passing the college entrance exam.

The footage shows that the fire has turned the house into a mess, with burned-charcoal beams. At the same time, firefighters found partly-burned cash in the mattress and handed it to the parents. 

The incident has attracted public attention and aroused heated discussion among netizens. 

This type of fire occurs quite common as many parents burn incense to pray for their children every year before and during the college entrance exams. 

Da Ji Yuan News reported a woman named Yang had burned incense to pray for her child’s college entrance exam on a hospital’s top floor in Xichang, Sichuan. 

She accidentally set the hospital on fire in April 2020 because she did not put out the burning incense sticks before leaving. 

In addition to burning incense and praying for blessings, many parents have come up with multiple ways to bring good luck to their children before college entrance exams. 

A couple of parents have bought a red Chinese traditional qipao women dress, or cheongsam, which is pronounced similar to victory in Chinese (qikaidesheng). Then, they asked their younger son to wear it as a way to cheer up his sister in the college entrance exam on June 07.

The footage showing their son in a bright red cheongsam, accompanied by his father walking on the street has attracted 18 thousand views. 

A netizen suggested to parents another practice to bring their children good luck. He told them to buy a soft-shelled turtle and ask their children to eat the turtle head, which means to be the best. 

Passing the college entrance exams has long become a significant turning point in the lives of young Chinese people. 

Currently, the race to enter colleges and universities is getting even more intense as China’s economy stagnates due to the government’s harsh stringent epidemic-control measures. 

According to Xinhua News Agency, Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan said that the number of applicants for the college entrance examination this year hit a record high of 11.93 million. 

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