People in China are disturbed as more outrageous scenarios unfold amidst Covid’s hard lockdown.

Jiangsu Province people expressed their fears after COVID-19 workers in hazmat suits broke into their houses to disinfect.

Every day, social media is filled with content shared by unhappy people. For example, on May 9, a short clip on Weibo shows pandemic workers in protective suits spraying disinfectant and throwing out food from a COVID-19 patient’s fridge.

When the residents returned home following quarantine, they saw the food tossed on the floor was crawling with maggots.

Weibo users are angry that Covid workers might also damage their houses.

Others commented on the authority’s disinfection practice as their personal space was invaded by strangers. They describe their action as law trampling and rude as their decorations and precious items get soaked in disinfectant.

According to a Propaganda Department official in Suining County, the practice is based on the county’s anti-pandemic policy and is guided and required by professionals.

They stated that the fridge food was disposed to follow the order, and they paid the residents, giving them bags of gift items in return.

People in China suffer a different kind of dilemma; forget about fleeing abroad; they can’t even leave their houses, especially people in Shanghai, which has been under lockdown for six weeks.

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