The war between the two factions of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues as the Xi faction is increasingly dominant, while the Jiang faction is being cornered and will use all its strength to fight back.

According to Apollo News’s report on November 5, on the opening day of CCP’s 20th Congress, a newspaper believed to be the media outlet of Jiang’s faction published an article attacking the Xi faction’s sore point.

The article said that the Biden administration took advantage of CCP’s 20th Congress to send a “gift” that is a ban aimed at taking China’s chip industry back to the Stone Age.

The article’s content highlights the serious consequences of the U.S. government’s order to restrict chip exports to China, announced in early October.

On October 26, another newspaper, also believed to be from Jiang’s faction, published an article questioning where China’s chip industry will go after the U.S. ban.

The second article pointed out that China’s chip industry had many problems before the U.S. ban, from business management to corruption. Therefore, the U.S. ban will expose the Chinese chip industry to all its weaknesses.

Developing the chip industry is a top priority of China’s regime under Xi. So, Apollo News commented that these two articles about Jiang’s faction were like two buckets of cold water thrown on Xi’s faction.

Commentator Li Yuqiang said that some netizens might be glad they found articles that helped them vent their anger in support of Xi’s side. However, Li noted the Jiang faction is also seeking to vie for power .

Li added that to see how good the Jiang faction is, look at its purged corrupt figures. For example Zhou Yongkang or Bo Xilai.

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