Chinese media reported that on the evening of July 9, a suspected case of cholera was discovered in the dormitory of the Faculty of Engineering of Wuhan University; the school immediately announced a lockdown of the entire dormitory area and required all students in the area to take an anal cotton swab test. However, until July 10, they still had not announced the test results.

According to Henan Business Daily, Wuhan Wuchang District Health and Wellness Committee responded on July 10 that the disease control staff had been working. Still, it was not clear if it was cholera.

When a reporter from Tianmu News contacted the medical department of Wuhan University, when asked if there was a cholera epidemic at Wuhan University, a staff member also said that he had not yet received any notice, or test results, so he could not discuss the specific situation.

But on the 11th, according to Dacheng Wuchang, the Wuchang District Health Office announced handling a cholera case at Wuhan University.

Wuchang Health Office said: “On the evening of July 9, the Wuchang County Center for Disease Control and Prevention received a report from the hospital about a case of infectious diarrhea in Wuhan University, mainly vomiting and diarrhea, accompanied by low-grade fever.

After being tested by the provincial and city/national CDC, this case was determined to be positive for O139, diagnosed as cholera. After effective diagnosis and treatment, the patient’s condition was controlled, and the symptoms disappeared. Our office has organized professional facilities to conduct sampling, testing and follow-up management of those involved, and conduct temporary sealing, control management and disinfection of the related places.”

Wuhan University students posted on Weibo, expressing their helplessness, Sound of Hope compiled some of the students’ comments:

“Why is it Wuhan again? This coincidence couldn’t be more coincidental.”

“Please don’t do this, don’t let the infectious disease come back! The frequent testing punctures in my throat before are starting to deflate, okay!”

In addition, students of Wuhan University said that the sanitary conditions of the student dormitories were deplorable; even some toilets did not have water.

“I hope there will be improvement in the student dormitory (including the medical faculty). The dormitory has dozens of people. The bathroom is really dirty.”

Furthermore, there are rumors that Wuhan University may close the school:

“When I heard about cholera at Wuhan University, I started to pack my things; I wanted to recover from my sickness for a while before going home. Now I’m a little scared. If the school suddenly closes, friends will leave, and no one will take care of me. The anxiety and fear due to the epidemic are too strong, and I have to hurry home!”

According to public information on the Chinese Internet, cholera is a type A infectious disease. A severe intestinal infectious disease caused by the Vibrio cholerae virus, cholera is highly contagious in which the patient and the disease carrier are the primary sources of infection. Cholera is characterized by a rapid onset and spread.

The typical patient experiences severe diarrhea and vomiting, leading to dehydration, muscle spasticity, severe peripheral circulatory failure, and acute renal failure. If it is not treated quickly, it will likely result in death. The patient needs to be strictly isolated and treated according to a class A infectious disease.

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