Nearly three years into the COVID pandemic, many mainland Chinese people can no longer stand the country’s strict COVID restrictions. Some even decided to resist the COVID staff (or Dabai.)

A video uploaded on December 4 showed that a group of COVID staff in white hazmat suits reportedly wanted to isolate a particular family. In response, a man inside held a kitchen knife and began confronting the staff.

His hands seemed to have been injured, and blood was visible on the ground. He angrily shouted at the COVID staff outside the door, asking them to show work ID and the nucleic acid test certificate.

A woman could be heard in the video saying she had a green health code and two children at home.

In another video, a man held a kitchen knife, warning COVID staff and police not to break into his house.

He told the police at the scene that he had the right to defend himself if community members entered his house without his consent.

Earlier, on November 18, a man in Inner Mongolia held a kitchen knife to negotiate with Dabai, refusing to be taken away for mandatory isolation.

Previously, a party member and cadre from a state-owned company in Chengdu went downstairs on September 4 to do nucleic acid tests. He was rejected because he did not wear a mask. He got home and decided not to do nucleic acid again.

Community staff and the police came and asked him to take a nucleic acid test. Holding a kitchen knife, he refused. The police then took him away.

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